Everybody Rides
Scholarship Fund!

OMBL believes in the benefits of team sports. Like many organized team sports with a high quality experience for student athletes, families, coaches & volunteers, OMBL utilizes a pay-to-play model to fund our league.  We also recognize that the sport requires an additional layer of cost above & beyond participation fees.

Two of the NICA Core Values are Equity and Inclusivity. We’ve helped establish this scholarship fund as a resource to coaches, parents, and student athletes with the express purpose of pushing our league to be more equitable and more inclusive and to actively work to remove financial barriers to participation.

Our goal is to use the Scholarship Fund to create opportunities to participate in the sport for those who would otherwise not be able to ride.  From equipment needs to race registration and rider fees, the fund is established as a resource for coaches to increase access to the sport.

Coaches will apply on behalf of student athletes with demonstrated need and outline how the scholarship fund will be utilized for the direct benefit of the student athlete. All individual student applicant and family information is kept confidential as we respect the privacy and dignity of all participants.

Applications will be reviewed and coaches notified of scholarship recipients on a rolling basis. Individual award amounts will be determined by the total number of applicants, available scholarship funds & demonstrated needs of individual applicants.  Our objective is to help bring the power of the bicycle to as many student athletes as possible.

Apply Here!

In our second year of offering league supported scholarships, we don’t know exactly what to expect! We may have 2 applicants. We may have 52.  Because of this, we’re intentionally keeping the application process fairly open. Let us know what financial resources would help a rider participate and we’ll do our best to help as we’re able.