October Singletrack Times

Lots of things happening for aspiring Coaches in this issue and a fun little fundraiser coming soon!

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Coaches Webinar

This past week the OMBL joined up with NICA National Coach Supporter Mike McGarry to go over what it means to be a NICA Coach.  Couldn’t make it? Don’t worry! We recorded it! In this video, we cover the basics of what makes a good coach, what a practice looks like, and various questions asked by the participants.

Upcoming Virtual Leaders Summit

Stoked about coaching and want to start the process of checking off requirements? While a majority of the training will occur at our Leader’s Summit in March 2021 there are currently virtual Leader’s Summits occurring that you can register and attend! Attending one of these summits is a great way to interact with coaches from around the country and it is free! the next one coming up starts the week of October 12th. You are welcome to attend as many or few of the sessions as you would like but in order to get credit for attending a LS you must either attend all 5 sessions throughout the week or complete them all in one on Saturday. 

Saturday 10/10 11:30am EST – All Sessions (7 hours):


Monday 10/12 11:00am EST – Working with NICA Student Athletes:


Tuesday 10/13 11:00am EST – Coach Licensing and Registration:


Wednesday 10/14 11:00am EST – Starting and Managing NICA Teams:


Thursday 10/15 11:00am EST – Risk Management and Safety Reporting:


Friday 10/16 11:00am EST – NICA Handbook:

Upcoming Fundraiser

Jen, Joe, Chris Boyle, and Steve Coss will be doing a hill climb fundraiser to help the OMBL buy a trailer to get all of the event equipment across the state. Here is the fun part! For different donation amounts you can send each of them up in different costumes, carrying different loads, or even playing music with a kazoo! Feel free to stop by and join as well. There will be a craft table for kids if they want to make some bike artwork and of course you are always welcome to join the fun and climb up Jester Hill. When not on the bike masks will be required and we encourage everybody to practice safe social distancing. Come join us and let’s get more kids on bikes!

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October Singletrack Times

Lots of things happening for aspiring Coaches in this issue and a fun little fundraiser coming soon!

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